Human Resource Mangement in Solvay Essay

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Human Resource Mangement in Solvay In the last decades, small national companies have grown in amazing scale all around the world. Companies that once were family owned have become huge multinational corporations. Corporations, which by the side of globalization, have expanded all around the world. International business has become one of the most important areas of business due to the need for companies to expand to markets outside their borders. Companies have had the need to adapt to another cultures and business systems. At the same time the way human resource management works has changed. Multinational corporations have had to adapt to new human resource requirements in order to be more effective and efficient. The business …show more content…
Solvay is the world’s leading producer of soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, detergent and barium-strontium, and one of the leading manufacturers of chore chemicals, salt, and fluorinated products(solvay s.a.). Chemical sales in the last year reached US$2,405 millions, and was distributed in:

-Soda ash 31%
-Chlor chemicals/salt 27%
-Hydrogen peroxide/detergents 16%
-Fluorinated products 14%
-Barium-strontium carbonates 7%
-Fillers 3%
-Caprolactones 2%
(Solvay finance)

The plastic sector is also a really important one. Solvay’s plastic market is spread in the five continents. Solvays companies are leading the world in the manufacture of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and are also in the top division for polyvinyl chloride(PCV, and produce both polypropylene (PP) and many specialty polymers(solvay s.a.). Plastic sales in the year 2000 reached US$ 2,792 millions, and it was origined from:

-Vinyl products: 45%
-High density polyethylene: 43%
-Special polymers and technical compounds: 13%
(solvay finance) Another sector of Solvay is the processing from plastic to finished products. The Solvay group is nowadays one of the leading companies in plastic processing in the world. Solvay’s plastic processing sector is mainly divided in the production of automotive parts,
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