Human Resource Mangers Should Focus On Generating Employee Commitment And Engagement

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Human Resource Mangers should focus on “generating employee commitment and engagement” (Banfield & Kay 2012 p.12). As the CEO of North-Tech it should be one of your priorities to understand the correlation between staff productivity and their job enjoyment. With these numbers of turnover and absenteeism being higher than average, it would be rational to look at how to eradicate the issues we have here, before looking at outsourcing to a different country. Companies that decide to outsource consent to an outside company for them to take on obligations and responsibilities for certain sectors of their organization. Before this company makes a decision on outsourcing 10 percent of the staff positions to India, there are a number of…show more content…
Also the inferior cost of operation and labour in India makes it an eye-catching location for companies to outsource to. According to (Kathleen 2014 p.6) “outsourcing is not always the answer” companies and organizations should approach outsourcing claims with significant care and attention. Some disadvantages can be problems with quality if the outsourcing provider is untested or doesn’t have accurate processes. There is also a problem of loss of management control, when you have organizations in more than one country, Human Resource must focus on treating resources as global and not country specific, with economic expansion in India this company needs to make sure it has the organizational capability to operate in India (Banfield & Kay 2012 p.201). Whilst outsourcing, top management should demonstrate leadership in the arrangement of commitment, guarantee and participation in the process. Communication also plays a vital role in the management process whilst outsourcing, it’s important to keep employees up to date of your aims and intentions in a precise and suitable fashion. This gives employees a greater sense of trust and reliability in their manager. Managers should also make an effort to involve their employees and ask for their opinions on outsourcing, with more involvement in the development employees are more likely to consent
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