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Main problem in the case: lack of HR department to oversee the HR function and administer all HR specific issues and problems. Violation of the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and Pregnancy Discrimination Act
Consequences of the problems: firing of Henry Jaques, demotion of Gavin and elimination of his position from the organization, discharging Miriam for pregnancy issues, and turning down of Bandag truck maintenance service people who applied for the driving job.

1. Given Bandag Auto’s size, and anything else you know about it, should we reorganize the human resource management functions, and if so why and how?
Yes, Bandag
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For example, if the employer allows temporarily disabled employees to modify tasks, perform alternative assignments, or take disability leave or leave without pay, the employer also must allow an employee who is temporarily disabled because of pregnancy to do the same.
Pregnant employees must be permitted to work as long as they are able to perform their jobs. If an employee has been absent from work as a result of a pregnancy-related condition and recovers, her employer may not require her to remain on leave until the baby 's birth. An employer also may not have a rule that prohibits an employee from returning to work for a predetermined length of time after childbirth.
To solve these particular issues, Bandag can arrange fewer hours per week for her until her recovery. If Bandag refused to do so and fired her, court may go against them for not following law and order of the state.
6. An employee who is deaf has asked us to be one of our delivery people and we turned him down. He’s now threatening to sue. What should I do, and why?
I think, Bandag should allow him to be driver for the delivery truck. It is against the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) to discriminate against someone to be the driver just because he/she is deaf. Rather than turning him down company can provide him special earphone if needed. Not giving the driving job to someone just because he/she is deaf is fully discrimination. Therefore, Bandag
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