Human Resource Plan Essay

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JAMAICA TRANSPORT HORACE M. WHITE AMERICAN MILITARY UNIVERSITY HRMT600 Human Resource Management Overall planning context Like all Organizations, Jamaica Transport (KIN) constantly has to adapt to external and internal changes. External changes such as economic situations, increased global commerce, new security threats or emerging environmental priorities impact directly on the organization’s business and HR plans. Internal changes, such as the need to carry out the organization’s business differently through risk management systems or a shrinking pool of skilled employees in our workforce, have equally important impacts on KIN’s business and HR plans. KIN must ensure that its current and future work,…show more content…
Examples from each of these four activities include: 1. Planning • Jamaica Transport took a consistent direction in updating its Integrated Human Resources plan and staffing/recruitment strategies with a national approach and tools. 2. Recruiting • Jamaica Transport recruited 89 post-secondary graduates (exceeded the organizational target for hiring 60). • The organization also achieved a 12 per cent post-secondary recruitment rate of visible minorities, exceeding Jamaica Transport’s target of 5 per cent. • Jamaica Transport attended all public service-wide post-secondary career fairs on the island and others to actively recruit graduates. 3. Employee Development • Jamaica Transport maintained its practice of ensuring performance reviews were completed and learning plans developed. • The organization reviewed its performance review process and as a result, introduced a new single learning plan. • Jamaica Transport had initiated a talent management program whereby executives and managers discussed• performance achievement, career development and learning plans. Career review boards were held for all executives and management staff subject to performance pay, regionally and nationally. As a result, senior management identified high potential talent within the organization. 4. Enabling Infrastructure • Jamaica Transport has met the requirements for the establishment and communication of staffing, classification
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