Human Resource Planning : A Successful Indian Multinational Essay

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Critical Literature Review: How can the term ‘Human Resource planning’ be linked to best work practices in a successful Indian Multinational? Introduction The present research question examines how the practice of Human Resource planning is counted as one the best practices in a successful Multinational. The industry is highly competitive. The scarcity of qualifies managers has become a major constraint on the speed with which multinational companies expand their international sales. Good H.R management in a multinational company usually means getting the perfect person that is suitable for the job that the company is looking to fill and at the suited time. ‘Human assets are as key source of sustainable advantage because of casual ambiguity and systematic information making them inimitable’ (Coff, 1994). The daily reality and the challenges for HR managers in India are truly different from challenges faced from the West. Therefore, this paper reviews the literature on Indian multinationals focusing on Human Resource planning strategies. What is a Multinational Company? ‘A Multinational Company (MNC) is a company has facilities and other assets in at least one country other than its home country. Such companies usually have a centralized head office and small offices in other countries’. If a multinational is large enough, they usually have a budget to
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