Human Resource Planning And Development

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Human resource is an important aspect in every organization and none can exist without it. Therefore, the human resource department is charged with the role of hiring, training and development as well as payroll management among other staff related activities. The human resource objectives must be aligned with the overall organization’s objectives in order to avoid conflict of interests. Consequently, it is important to develop a strategic plan which encompasses the various factors that are involved in human resource planning and development. This involves innovation in change strategies, management of diversity and roping in technology in the implementation of the human resource role. Apart from the development, it is important to have monitoring and control in order to ensure that a proper foundation is laid out in ensuring long term profitability of the organization. The Role of Innovation in Executing Change Strategies Innovation in human resource has over the years treated innovation and strategic planning as two distinct elements where strategic planning was dealing with known grounds while innovation was about the unknown and unpredictable factors. However, with the rise in globalization and technological advancement today, the role of innovation is not treated with the traditional perspective. The modern role of innovation is tasked with the improvement of the workplace creativity and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Innovation in human resource is about
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