Human Resource Planning

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Human Resource Planning

The function that I will explore in depth is Marks and Spencer human resource planning primarily concerned with the organisation possessing sufficient numbers of employees and of the right standard.

The four main purposes of the human resource planning function are:

· Marks and Spencer establish clear links between organisational objectives and human resource plans so that successful co-ordination of the two can be set out.

· To give appropriate quality of work to the employee of most value to the business.

· The flourishing equal opportunities policy within Marks and Spencer therefore creating a complete profile of internal staff.

· The efficient control
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On the other hand less staff may be hired resulting in too few employees overstretching thus causing ill feeling, de-motivation and possibly costly legal disputes.

Internal and external plan for human resources,

Marks and Spencer will require a great deal of data and other information from internal workforce and externally from the availability of the skilled labour.

Over a period of time Marks and Spencer will gather a comprehensive profile on its employees past and present. This will also include the following:

* The number of employees departing the organisation within the next year into account age, qualifications and skills either through resignation or retirement or even dismissal

* The number of staff joining the organisation within the next year

* The reason for staff leaving the organisation in addition to the time spent with Marks and Spencer.

* The average time taken off by the workforce due to sickness, maternity, bereavement or other factors.

The factors above are used to determine the rate of labour turnover; this is a measurement of the rate existing employees leave Marks and Spencer. If the rate of labour turnover increases employees are on average spending less time in employment within Marks and Spencer.

An unnecessary
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