Human Resource Planning

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Previous decades have seen considerable changes within implementation of human resource planning. The following report has been devised in order to analyse occurrence and reasoning of these changes. The following points shall be reviewed:

• Identification of the different drivers which affect organisational management.
• Analysis of the changes in human resource management implementation consequential of the above stated changes.
• Explanation of adaptations of the recruitment and selection procedure adopted by organisations to support these changes.

The above information shall be gathered by review of corporate literature, scholary texts and Internet resources. Andrew Carney of the School of Management and Business Enterprise, St
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3.0 It was inconceivable that traditional personnel management techniques were in great pressure to adapt in order to maintain effectiveness within a diverse and ever-changing business environment. The role of the conventional personnel manager now had to adopt an increasingly varied and multifaceted approach in the form of HRM. The main objectives of HRM are to support an organisation, to ultimately "manage the managers" (Carney. A, 2007).

Human resource management differs from traditional personnel techniques in the following ways;

3.1 Beliefs and Assumptions
• Whereas traditional personnel techniques closely govern company contracts, HRM strives to overcome contractual issues in a way which is also beneficial to an employee.
• Personnel management places importance on clearly defined rules. HRM broadens this outlook by allowing for modification of rules around situational factors.
• Personnel management follows managemental procedure. HRM closely views business need.

3.2 Strategic Aspects
• Labour management relations are paramount within personnel policy, whereas HRM focuses closely on customer relations.
• Personnel management integrates the corporate plan slightly, in comparison to HRM 's attitude of revolving policy around this matter.
• Personnel management administers a lengthy approach toward strategic decision-making, in contrast to HR 's rapid advance.

3.3 Line Management
• HRM strive to
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