Human Resource Policies And Human Resources

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Human resources policies are at the heart of every business but when companies deviate from those policies or create a culture of their own polices that can be a recipe for disaster. Having strong human resource policies can distinguish companies from the rest and set them out to be the best but in the case of the following companies human resource policies we either neglected or altered and it cost the company more in the end. The nature of business is to make money and the policies set forth by human resources are the ethical guidelines that enable companies to accomplish that with respect to the financial world that they are involved. I will look into the policies and see whether they were a sound from the beginning or whether the policies were doomed from the start. I will see whether the policies had any ethical merits and how this was overlooked it there was a good foundation. I will look into some problems with human resource policies then I will go over companies polices that caused a near bankruptcy and a company policy that caused a complete failure. The Risky Business of Human Resource Policies The foundation of any business starts with its policies and if that foundation is not build with strong ethical policies then the business will likely fail. The human resource department of a company has to maintain polices on how employees should conduct themselves and some policies encourage growth and strength within the company and sometime we forget the
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