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1 Introductory section

1.1 Background of Kimberly-Clark Australia
Kimberly-Clark Australia is a subsidiary of the US-based Kimberly-Clark Corporation that makes, markets, and sells market-leading health and hygiene products, such as Wondersoft®, Viva® paper towels, Thick & Thirsty®, Huggies® nappies , Snugglers® Kleenex® facial tissues, and other consumer brands, and Tecnol*, Kimcare*, Workforce*, and other business brands ( n.d.).

Kimberly-Clark Australia (KCA) has market leadership in six out of the eight categories they trade in. This has been achieved through a combination of superior products effective brand positioning and effective communication with the target market. There are three business make up by KCA:
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This job description includes the accountabilities, responsibilities and reporting requirements for marketing manager position.

2.4 Employment conditions

As the position of marketing manager is very important to KCA, the company will apply a series of conditions to this position. • Based Salary: $8,000 per month • Bonus based on sales and performance • Working hours: fulltime working • A separate air-conditioned room with a personal computer • A company car is provided for business • Healthcare

2.5 Marketing manager position links with the HR and business strategy and goals

Marketing manager play a key role in organizing all the marketing activities of the company. Marketing manager should has abilities to deliver products and service to customers, organizing the market segment, increase company’s marketing share, work with other employees. Therefore, marketing manager position requires the applicants to have a good knowledge of marketing functions and strategies in order to create an effective influence for the organization to achieve goals.

3 Recruitment procedures

3.1 Recruitment process

The recruitment is the process of locating, identifying and attracting capable applicants for current and future positions (Robbins & Mukerji 1990). According to Klatt, Murdick and Schuster (1985), recruitment may be a complex and expensive activity in a large firm that involves promotions from
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