Human Resource Problem in Last Resort Retirement Community

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Human Resources management Human resource problem There are several human resource problems that are seen to arise in the Last Resort Retirement Community (LRRC). Leadership is among the major problems in the last resort retirement community. The problem started when a new director of nursing was hired, Amanda Gerick. First of all she was self centered and never cared what effect that had on the interpersonal relations with other employees. She took up roles that were not meant for her as a leader this was wrong since she should let everyone do their job and only act as a supervisor. Another poor leadership quality that Gerick had was the often reminder to her subordinates of how the chain of command was important and emphasizing that bosses had absolute authority over their subordinates. This is an indication of poor leadership because even if one holds a leadership position it should not be a tool of subordination but service leadership to be exemplified. It was evident that Gerick's management style was very wanting in fact there were complaints from other employees especially Baylor on her leadership style. Baylor stated that the leadership style that she applied was difficult to cope with and this led to low morale among the staff members (winter, 2013). Another problem is dislike that existed among managers. There was an obvious conflict that existed between the head of assisted care and the head of activities. It was an outright conflict between the two which saw
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