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Human Resource Report Writing Introduction Human resource management (HRM) in an organisation is concerned with the effective management of the employees in order to maximise the performance of the organisation. This department of the organisation covers various operations such as recruitment and selection, health and safety, training and development, performance appraisal, job evaluation and the human resource planning. The modern HRM is usually concerned with the workforce practices, educating and training the workforce and enabling them to fulfil all the potential that they had (Mello, 2014, p. 25). This report will focus typically on the human resource management of the organisation, and would critically evaluate and analyse the…show more content…
It is important to study the barriers to develop effective practices of human resource and to implement the changes that would acquire the technical know-how with respect to the theoretical knowledge. Critical Analysis and Evaluation of the Concept of HR Strategy Having the right personnel in the organisation at the right time and place is the most important ingredient that results in the success of the organisation. The human resource management presents the workplace with the number of challenges (Bamberger, Biron & Meshoulam, 2014, p. 71). One of the most important challenges faced by the organisation is to create a highly central role for the human resource that would be in terms of their strategy and would simplify the business success. The strategic human resource management (SHRM) focuses on various issues which include the practices and strategic management, involving HR functions, development and values that add to the performance. Human resource department of any organisation is criticized for effective development of policies so that the objectives of the organisation could be achieved effectively. According to Buller and McEvoy, (2012, p. 43) a formal HR strategy refers to the useful means of communicating and verbalising intents along with activities that are important to be achieved in the strategies of HRM. There are different stages that are formulated in the strategies of HR which are shown below: HR strategies are developed by the engagement of
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