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1.1. Strategic and operational plans are analysed to determine human resources requirements. Human Resource: Human resource is one of the most important components of any business entity. Managing the human resource is becoming one of the most difficult challenges for the organisations all across the world. To make sure organisations have full strength in the term of human resource “Human Resource Plans” become the integral part of management planning process. Determining the kind of requirement of human resources for any business entity is the initial step for the Human resource plans. To determine the human resource requirement organisations need to analyse their strategic plans and operational plans. Strategic Plans Strategic plans…show more content…
• Why they are doing? • Who are going to be benefited from such actions? Strategic plans need to be well focused, however need to be flexible as well. Strategic plans need to be based on practical results and always need to be ready to answer some questions like: • Is current mission statement is as per the vision statement or not? • Do we need to change our vision statement as our target market requirements have been changed? • Do we need to change our favourite products which may produce huge profit in the past but becoming absolute in current environment? • What are other resources where we can divert our funds to maximise the results? • Is our current staff is capable to achieve what organisation is looking for or what are the changes may require in our current human resource to achieve our changed vision? Operational plans: Operational plans are detailed plans which provide guidelines to different sections of the organisation that how they are going to contribute to the achievement of organisational main goal i.e. strategic goals. Successful Operational plans are important to achieve the strategic plans. Operations plans basically day-to-day or month-to-month plans integrated with the main strategic plans and provide details what organisation is doing? The Operational Plan should align with the organisation 's overall objectives as detailed in the Strategic Plan. This alignment can be achieved by ensuring that the team,
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