Human Resource Requirements : Human Resources

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1.1. Strategic and operational plans are analysed to determine human resources requirements.
Human Resource:
Human resource is one of the most important components of any business entity. Managing the human resource is becoming one of the most difficult challenges for the organisations all across the world.
To make sure organisations have full strength in the term of human resource “Human Resource Plans” become the integral part of management planning process. Determining the kind of requirement of human resources for any business entity is the initial step for the Human resource plans. To determine the human resource requirement organisations need to analyse their strategic plans and operational plans.
Strategic Plans
Strategic plans also used to be called "long-range plans". Strategic plans provide full and detailed plans for what organisation wants to achieve in future or where organisations wants to see itself after certain period of time. Strategic plans provide the guidelines for the different stakeholders, so that they can work together to achieve the common goal which may state as the vision statement for the organisation. Strategic plans need to work with the changing environmental conditions and also need to make sure that organisation is using its all resources to their full strength. Strategic plans implied on whole organisation and provide single common goals to different sections working under same roof. Strategic plans provide vision on the basis of three…
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