Human Resource Specialist Careers : Difference Between A Specialist And Generalist

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An organization is only as good as the people who work within it. People are the single most valuable commodity in a business and without its workforce; a business would simply be a structure and an idea. Human Resource Management is the heart of the organization. It handles providing that valuable resource by recruiting people, training them, providing them with compensation, developing policies that affect them, motivating them, and developing strategies to keep them and much more. This paper will outline the Human Resource Specialist careers, the difference between a specialist and generalist. It will also discuss how organizations develop and implement a strategic Human Resource Management plan to ensure an organization can achieve its goals.
As with many other fields that have specialist and generalist, Human Resource Management does as well. In large corporations, the human resources department may be divided into many different specialty departments. Human resource specialists focus on or specialize in specific areas within the field. According to Evan Taylor (2015), there are five primary specialties, “compensation and benefits; training and development; employment, recruiting and placement; information systems; and employee assistance” (para. 2). These just name a few. They are expected to know the ins and outs of their particular program and are considered an expert in their area.
The Compensation and benefits specialist performs research and analysis…
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