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The Human Resources Specialist<
You are a Human Resources Specialist and work for a staffing services company. Early Monday morning you receive a phone call from one of your most important clients. They want to get rid of one of your assignment employees (is a temporary employee of your company). The employee has been absent for several days because she is pregnant. She has been working as a banking receptionist, a position that requires consistent attendance and a cheerful disposition towards bank clients.
You discuss the legal consequences attendant on firing or reassigning a pregnant employee; this includes possibilities such as a wrongful dismissal and an anti
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Kant´s ethics
According to Kant´s ethics, I would choose the same option. I am able to determine what is good by reasoning and I think that this is the best option for both parts.
If I were in the position of the pregnant employee, I wouldn´t agree if the company fire me. As pregnant employees are overprotected, I would fight against the company until they lose the case.
Universalistic principle
Act as if what leads to this act could be a rule for everyone. If I fire the employee I am exposed to be fired in the same way. It will not be a rule for everyone because she is pregnant, the conditions are different and it is not equal with other employees.
Respect principle
Never use others as a means but acknowledge them as persons who are their own goal. She can´t lose the job because we don´t know how she will maintain her children, we cant use her just to keep the client in the company.
The most difficult things to make this choice were the condition of the employee, the discrimination and getting around the legal consequences. Nowadays, we are supposed to live in an environment without discrimination and firing her would be an evidence of the opposite.

About the conflicts, I think that the client would not be satisfied at all with my decision. The clients are the reason of the existence of each company, the ones who pay and if a company doesn´t provide the best service they have the power decision to
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