Human Resource Specialists And Position Management

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The view of the job description differs depending on the groups and objectives needed to achieve set goal within the department or organization. Job description will describe the position’s responsibilities, duties as well as minimum qualifications and education. “Exactly how job descriptions are prepared and used is a complicated story that has it origins in the creation of civil service systems and merit system principles.” (Borrego, 2012) Elected and appointed officials may consider positions management a necessity in order to control the magnitude and direction of the organization’s staff when considering the quality of budget management and program evaluation, but most elected officials will only consider the job description and classification if they are considering ways to reduce the budget. Merit system reformers believe that they must consider analyzing, and classification of a position in order to achieve an effective and equity of a civil service system. They consider this as the stepping-stones for a responsive and professional public administration. Human Resource Specialists and position management positions think about recruiting, selection, pay equality and performance evaluation with considering a job description and classification. The job description and classification aids in recruiting so that must create a clear and accurate job description. This will help with the selection process by eliminating individuals that do not meet the minimum qualifications.…
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