Human Resource Strategies Of Fashion

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According to Webster (2013) in the early years Flinders Lane and Surry Hills situated in Melbourne and Sydney were the two key locations that where the heart and soul of Australia’s fashion industry thrived. Later on the 20’s the industry has grown across suburbs, designer as well as brands has spread across Australia. However, Australian fashion retailer is in a challenging position, it has become a global shift in the last few years, with 15 percent of the world’s top 250 retailers has already set up stores in Australia (Heffernan, 2015). In this essay an attempt will be made to discuss the statement mentioned above and its implications on David Jones fashion retail business. Firstly, one of Australia’s top fashion retail stores, David Jones, will be discussed along with their failures Secondly, how Human Resources have an impact in fashion retails and the impact of external environment changes in the retail industry with be evaluated. Following by this discussion, human resource strategies of fashion retail international brand will be explained. Lastly, strategies that David Jones can implement will be mentioned. Finally the conclusion will be presented with implications. David Jones is known as the oldest retail store in Australia and is still maintaining under its actual name. This fashion retail brand aims make a significant experience for customers by making the store are informed as well as containing modern technology. It is evident that its target audience of David
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