Human Resource Strategy

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BUS 508- Assignment 2: Human Resource Strategy Latasha Luke Professor Mary Jane Granoff Contemporary Business-BUS 508 2/18/2015 In choosing an industry in which two or more companies that have been voted on some of the best places to be employed and carefully reviewing the Top 100 companies on Forbes I have chosen Wal-mart and Target. Wal-mart and Target…show more content…
(McDaniel, 2012) The second way is by studying your customer base. For Wal-mart their image is to cater to everyday people with a stigma geared at low income individuals. Target has a stigma that associates them with middle to upper class individuals and both companies’ uses this to their advantage. It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages. (Soderquist, 2005) The third way is competency which includes technical, management, technological, and leadership. Both companies take immediate steps to fill them, and go about it energetically, methodically, and diligently. (Cockerell, 2008) People have their favorite retailer and it is almost impossible to sway a loyal Target customer in the belief that they are getting a better price and service available. The same is true of Wal-mart customers. Each business has developed a customer base that is loyal to them and should be benchmarked by other businesses as the standards of excellence. Speculate how each would continue to thrive if its current corporate culture would need to change in the near future. Be sure to state what change(s) you are speculating on and what led you to identify that possibility. In the future, the salvo is called the Large Retailer Accountability Act. Phil Mendelson has been pushing an extraordinary new
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