Human Resource Strategy For A Successful Organization Big Or Small

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Organization strategies are the building blocks to be successful to a successful organization big or small. If there are no future goals how will and organization expand. When an organization is at its first start the leadership must look at where it is and where they want it to go over the years. There must be a continuous evaluation on processes and procedures to make sure that the direction that are set forth by those processes and procedures are going to put the organization in that forward motion. The organization is only going to be as good as the employees that work within so again the organization must insure that an organizational issue such as training is mandated and executed for both the future of the organization and employee. According to Losey, Meisinger, and Ulrich (2005) there are three strategies that the human resource department must understand and master. The most important is the business strategy. Knowing the overall business strategy and the direction of where the organization most go in the future will build the development of the human resource strategy. The human resource strategy is very important when it comes to the final one of the three that is the work force strategy. The hiring and development of employees that are experience and motivated to work is what is going to push the forward momentum. The policies and procedures that are in place in regards to need personal should be a reflection of what the organization needs and the
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