Human Resource Structure

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Human Resource structure is administrative and common to all organizations, especially to the big company like Tianyang Food, a food production company in China. HR department act as the support for the organization in the likes of law, compensation, benefit, safety and health of the employees and the organization. However, the improper management from the HR structure can put the organization in a very difficult situation. Based on the case study, an employee named Lu Yueting had poisoned the dumpling in the company by using a piston because he was not satisfied with the salary that he and his co-worker received from their employer, after 16 years of working experience. In this case, it shown that the HR structure of the company are lacking in the employee relation management. The HR consultant seems failed to distribute and maintaining a solid relationship of the employees and employers within the organization. As HR structure is responsible in bridges the communication gaps between company management and the employees, they also should the employees the opportunity to release their frustration with the company and report wrongdoings (Miksen, 2014). In this situation, we can infer that the HR consultant of the Tianyang Food Company did not offer the opportunity to Yueting to express his frustration about the salary he received from his employer after all. In the end, Yueting becomes frustrated and commit his unethical conducts that finally lead to a big profit loss of
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