Human Resource Team : Google Human Resources Team

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Google human resource team can attract more qualified applicants. The employee selection process in Google mostly includes notifying, reviewing, screening, interviewing, testing and selecting the well-qualified applicants. The human resource team reviews resumes, and match applicant’s qualifications to the job essentials. The qualified candidate’s application paperwork is evaluated by using different evaluation forms. Only the job applications that meet all the requirements will be kept for the next steps of the selection process. Before the company decides to make an offer to a job candidate Google obtains many interviews in the screening process. The human resource team in Google obtains the interview over the phone. These types of interviews can help limit the field of applicants. The telephone interview is also helpful for the company to figure out if the job seeker has the essential qualifications for a face to face interview. The Google human resource team uses structured interviews concepts, as well as job knowledge evaluation. Structured interviews are the most popular way for Google to evaluate capability for a given task. Structured interviews are great tools to figure out details such as the applicant’s expectations and perspectives about Google. This information clearly shows the person job and organization fit. The most important process in employee selection in Google is the face to face interview. In this step a selection of five…
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