Human Resource Training For The Media Sector

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Mass media is a very important role in the development of today 's society. It impacts on the social consciousness to establish and consolidate a system of political thought leaders for society; associate members of society into a unity, a whole on the basis of the stance, political attitudes generally. Mass media also perform monitoring functions, and social management, monitoring, detection, promptly report the problems, new conflicts arise, contributes political stability to society. Such an important role, to focus on developing, perfecting rationale, human resource training for the media sector is essential job today. The press, the educational function of ideology, propaganda and agitation, indirect management and social monitoring …show more content…

New media is seen as part of global change. They call this "new age" or "new era" in which, the emergence of "new media" as a phenomenon of the times, was and still is seen as part of the change of society, communication, technologies and culture; in other words, it is globalization. Technologies bring tremendous change in communication, from a global level to national, ethnic, even to each citizen. It 's rare to find a family or individual who does not have a media interaction can be (phone, tablet, smart TV ...). In schools, the lectures were digitized with the support of the material multimedia (video clips, audio clips, digital photos ...). Internet has created conditions for the beginning of a series of social networking and tools as well as individuals, from Yahoo to Gmail, from Skype to Facebook, Twitter ... Internet has become the fastest growing medium ever which was recorded in human history. If in 2006, the whole world has 1.076 billion people use the Internet, by 2016, this figure has risen to more than 3.5 billion people ( Currently, worldwide there are over 1 billion websites, more than 1.8 billion Facebook users, 307 million Twitter accounts. Every day, more than 172 billion emails are sent, nearly 9 million searches on Google, more than 1 billion views on YouTube, 36 million calls over Skype, more than 708 thousand smartphones sold, more than 6 billion Gb internet traffic. New media changed

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