Human Resources : An Organization

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Human Resources include all the actions to recruit the right workers for the business and train them for the job. In the human resources department they work out what level of skills are needed by the workers and how many workers are needed for business. They have to create a positive working environment for the workers to insure that the workers are happy and working well to achieve the business’ goals. They also deal with the conditions of employment and the workers’ salaries. The human resource department’s job is to recruit the best workers for the job, also make sure training is put in place so that the new employee’s know how to work to their full potential and help achieve profits for the business and the business ‘goals. Their job is also to fire workers if they aren’t obeying working procedures and then hiring new workers to replace the old. They also help develop a competitive advantage which includes building the capacity of the company so they can offer an exclusive product/service to customers. They try developing strategies for the business and opportunities.

In the movie we see that Andy goes for a job interview at the fashion magazine Runway, and soon gets the job. Andy is known as a joke to the business and doesn’t fit the position as she knows nothing about fashion and certainly doesn’t wear the correct outfits. There’s a sense of humour in the human resources as the brought Andy in to have an interview with her
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