Human Resources And Human Resource Management

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In this paper, you will find six questions regarding human resources and human resource management. These six questions are based on course material learned. The paper will answer each of the six questions in detail to help readers gain knowledge of human resources, how it has evolved and the aspects involved in human resources. The paper will also give you some further insight of what the human resource department does and the importance of it. The goal of reading this paper is to further your knowledge and understanding.

1. Describe the evolution of human resource management from a purely administrative function to a strategic function in the organization. Based on your description is there a significant difference between the two types of HR? Many factors have affected the evolution of human resources management; government intervening and unions getting started. The changing of management, and culture changes also had an affect. Technological advances, economic changes, social changes, and demographic changes has also had an affect on causing human resources to stray away from administrative to strategic human resource management.
Laws were created involving pensions, retirement, labor markets, equal employment opportunity, etc. these things created innovation in human resource management. All these factors caused human resources to split up responsibilities versus leaving everything on human resource management to get done. Splitting up…
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