Human Resources And Human Resource Management

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Abstract In this paper, you will find six questions regarding human resources and human resource management. These six questions are based on course material learned. The paper will answer each of the six questions in detail to help readers gain knowledge of human resources, how it has evolved and the aspects involved in human resources. The paper will also give you some further insight of what the human resource department does and the importance of it. The goal of reading this paper is to further your knowledge and understanding. 1. Describe the evolution of human resource management from a purely administrative function to a strategic function in the organization. Based on your description is there a significant difference…show more content…
Having a job that allows you to fit in to society is a big trend these days. People wants jobs that aren’t low class such as fast food. A trend these days is also having a job that is Monday to Friday versus working the weekends. People also seek jobs that will have growth. (Achoui, 2009, p. 38-39) Other trends affecting human resources are benefits offered to employees. Employees need benefits to keep a low turnover rate, offering healthcare to employees is a huge factor. Baby boomers are also reaching retirement age so it’s a good idea to provide good benefits to current employees to keep them interested in working for the company but providing healthcare is also an increase in cost for human resources. 3. Explain how an organization can create competitive advantage by strategically positioning their human resources department as a representative on the executive leadership team? Competitive advantage isn’t gained by just using what you have. You have to reach out and get it. You have to work on having that advantage. Placing the right people in the right places can be just what you need when it comes to making the right decisions and gaining that advantage. Competitive advantage is crucial for survival of a company. Competitive advantage can be seen by looking at financial performance or by looking at customer opinions of the company. Companies have to strive to keep that
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