Human Resources And Human Resource Management

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As I have written this essay I have come to the conclusion that the organisational structure is defined by its human resources processes. Human Resources (HR) or Human Resource Management (HRM) depending on your view point, has ultimately defined employees as a commodity.
Where once there was security and familiarity within our employment; “security, permanent flux and change without beginning or end have become the established norm and this has had a consequential impact on the attitudes of employees, as well as the demographics of the organisation” (Byrne 2001)
How a business structured itself for its “commodities” was once a key to attracting and keeping the best employees. This structure can now have more of an impact on the business then “the most fundamental decisions you must make when starting a business, [that] is selecting a form of business ownership.” (Bovee, C, Thill, J 2015)
Contemporary Organisational Structures
“A company’s organisation structure has a dramatic influence on the way employees and managers make decisions……This structure helps the company achieve its goals by providing a framework to coordinate and control the organisations work and to hold employees accountable for their work. In contrast, a poorly designed structure can create enormous waste, confusion and frustration for employees, suppliers and customers.” (Bovee, C, Thill, J 2015)
There are many types of business structures from the most basic to the most complex.
Some of the most common…
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