Human Resources And Human Resource Practices

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Regardless of the size of a business or whether it is a multi-million dollar software distributor or a productive trucking company, there is one thing that most all companies have in common. Every company needs to have efficient human resource practices. According to Mayhew (n.d.), “human resources plays an essential role in developing a company 's strategy as well as handling the employee-centered activities of an organization” (para. 1). If the employees are the backbone of an organization then the human resource department is the brain stem. It can be the glue that holds an organization together, or the hammer that breaks the organization apart. There are many issues that companies face when dealing with human resources. Things such as payroll disputes and disgruntled employees are fairly common, but for the most part they are easy to overcome. The major issue that companies have to face when it comes to human resources is a double edged sword. It is both a blessing and a hindrance at times. This issue is how to handle the ever changing diversity within the organization. In order to be a successful human resource department of an organization that treats their diverse workforce in a fair and equal manner, one must first understand how the workforce demographics are changing, what problems may arise due to these changes, and how to overcome these problems. It is a delicate dance that must be done on a daily basis.
As was inferred earlier, diversity…
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