Human Resources And Organizational Development

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Human Resources and Organizational Development Employee Empowerment Working together may be crucial since the individual functions of these two departments are not the same. The most important function of Organizational Development is to align the mission, values, and culture of the entire organization to create partnerships between employees and management. Their emphasis is on connecting the employees and departments to work as a team by instilling the company’s main beliefs. Many employers feel employee development should be the full responsibility of Organizational Development because of their specialized skills and training in talent management. They feel this strategy should not be HR’s responsibility because Human Resources main…show more content…
Increasing employee satisfaction can be as easy as changing the culture to empowerment in the workplace which begins with communication, encouraging feedback and giving team members the ability to make more decisions. This approach will have a direct relationship between employee satisfaction and overall performance. As the team member’s performance improves so does the individual’s confidence and commitment to the company. That confidence in empowered employees can also be andisadvantage for organizations. Leaders have concerns of increased arrogance in individuals because encouraging employee empowerment creates a sense of overconfidence in team members. They are making important decisions without supervision and taking more risks. Although this is all a part of the empowerment principles, taking risks can be successful and they can also be failures. “Employee empowerment requires a strong and lasting commitment from an organization’s management” (p. 2) and that may require changing the culture or management style of the organization (Emerson, 2012). Many older and long-term team members are also resistant to learning new things or accepting changes but in order to make this change a success, it will take the entire organization’s commitment. But these programs will only succeed if the team member is motivated and has a desire for professional growth. The reality is that many employees are
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