Human Resources And The Human Resource Department

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Introduction Human Resources are concerned with the management of people within an organization, not only to minimize internal issues but to also ensure a highly functional workforce. The department is responsible for recruiting suitable candidates, identifying and meeting the training needs of existing staff, ensuring employees welfare and safety, and raising awareness of current workplace legislation (BBC, 2014). In addition to the above responsibilities, the Human Resources Department also covers five key roles. Firstly, the executive role requires the human resource professionals to be specialized in the areas which encompass people management. Secondly is the audit role where the department follows up with other corporate areas to ensure all policies are being carried out in line with policy. Thirdly, is the facilitator role, this is where the department helps to facilitate with others to achieve goals or objectives for the business. Fourthly is the consultancy role where human resources advise managers on how to control issues regarding staff, and lastly is the service role. This is where the human resource department provides information to raise awareness and inform employees of changes in policy (BBC, 2014). With such a large responsibility for one department within a business, human resources must have a strong strategic plan in place in order to function properly. However, whenever you are working with people, issues can arise at any time due to the
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