Human Resources And The Human Resource Department

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The Human Resource department is considered to be the most important department for the development and progress of the work processes of the concerned organization. The HR department plays the most crucial role in managing the desired activities of the employees of an organization as well as it recruits the skilled employees to the firm. This research paper will help in explaining the process by which the Human Resource adds desired values to an organization. For any of the particular firm, the employees are supposed to be the precious assets which help in evaluating the preferred growth and the business process of the concerned firm (Armstrong, 2014). There are certain key responsibilities which help in evaluating the desired…show more content…
The employees within the firms’ needs motivation related to the work and the efforts provided by them and thus, the Human Resource Department plays the vital role in evaluating the performance of the employees. Performance management of the employees is very crucial as this creates a great impact on the execution of the desired business process of the concerned organization. The long-standing victory along with the financial presentation of a corporation is frequently directly connected to the talent, motivation as well as accomplishments of the concerned individuals of the concerned organization (Giles, 2012). People create as well as sell products, labor with clients and work together on decisions. A prime way is that HR significantly affixes the value to a corporation is by promoting the desired link along with influencing business leaders to teach and enlarge employees with reward well-built performance. Hiring in addition to maintaining top ability is an establishment of high-performer corporations. There is a crucial need of balancing between the shareholders, customers as well as the employees of the concerned organization (Harrington, 2010). HR is mainly dependable for constructing and organization the system which recruits,
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