Human Resources Are Responsible For Making And Driving Decisions

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1.1 • A number of Human Resources objectives support organisational goals, such as profitability, business reputation, ethics and principles according to Mayhew, R. (2014). • Human Resources are responsible for making and driving decisions to assist with the strategy of their organisation. Each individual organisation will have their own ‘mission’ and ‘vision’ statements which will outline the short term and long term objectives of the organisation and HR are responsible for helping to successfully reach those goals. • Managing change and implementing new ideas, methods and strategies are responsibilities of the HR Function. Forward thinking is vitally important to a successful organisation and HR will translate the short and long term…show more content…
Within this era of the HR Function it would have been common practice for HR to handle recruitment, training and to deal with trade unions. • Resources is a term used to describe the HR function towards the end of the 20th century as more focus was given to non-monetary factors for workers rather than wages as motivators to increase productivity. There was also more focus on training and development and upskilling to get the most out the workforce. This would play as a motivator to the employee and would be a cost saving exercise for the business also. • Valuable Assets is a term used to describe the current HR Function due to the added responsibility and power the function now has in addition to the ‘Resources’ term of the HR Function. This is based partly on the advancement of technology and globalisation. The current HR Function also specialise in fostering a culture in organisations and shaping strategies to assist organisations in reaching their ‘mission’ and ‘vision’ statements. • At the end of the 19th century) This was mostly women campaigning for better working conditions for other women and girls in industrial working places. • (During the First World War)This was in agreement with the Trade Unions and at times led to very bitter disputes. After The First Word War, workers’ rights and formal rights emerged. These rights emerged to help solve problems, develop scientific knowledge and deal with ethical issues according to Duggan, T. (2014). • (During the

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