Human Resources At The Silicon Valley

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Discipline Investigation Introduction Everyone has to choose a major in college for his or her future job. I decided to choose Human Resources my sophomore year of college. I chose this major because I love interacting with people. I love talking, helping, and communicating with people. Another reason why I like human resources is because it is a challenge; every day is different. There is not a day that is the same at work. There are always different situations to solve. Another reason why I chose to study human resources is because I am living in Silicon Valley. There are many job opportunities in Silicon Valley. Every company needs at least one human resources employee. Bigger companies have multiple departments for human resources.…show more content…
The department that I want to be part of is benefits and recruiting. The person that I interviewed was Ms. K, and her position at Company X is executive team leader of human resources. Company X is a very renowned retail chain superstore. She has worked at Company X for five years. In this assignment I will share Ms. K’s background, career path, roles and responsibilities, and communication skills she uses on the job. Background and Career Path Ms. K is a Caucasian woman who has lived in San Jose all her life. Ms. K graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara. Here, she studied both sociology and psychology. She held several other positions before working for her current company. This included being an intern at American Red Cross, and she also worked at a bank as a teller before. She worked at the bank for almost a year before she decided that being a teller was not her ideal job. She told herself at that point in her life that she did not put in all that time and effort in her studies to become a teller. She joked that she enjoyed her position as a teller, but she did not enjoy her paycheck as much. She explained to me that she could not support her family with that salary. According to “How Much Do Bank Tellers Make” by Noel Griffith, the author explains the same situation. Mr. Noel explains, “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary of a bank teller is $25,760.” One day she came across a job
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