Essay Human Resources Case Study 77

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Case Study 77

For many companies, health insurance can become a challenge especially for those companies who make small profits trying to exist in today’s economy. That is the case for Quality Auto Parts, a company who has seen its profits from the late 80’s increase and decrease at different variables until today. During the recent recession the decline in auto sales put a damper on the auto parts dealers as well. This did not make things better when the doubling of health insurance benefits continues to rise over the years. Quality Auto Parts put together a health committee to try and figure out a way to help cut there spending on employee health benefits while still being able to appeal to the employee. A very tough task
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The Self-Insurance option, in which Vice President for Finance David Schramm agrees with, establishes a special self-insurance fund and negotiate preferred provider arrangements (PPOs) with local providers. This for example, gives opportunity for discounted prices in exchange for the directing of these employees to these providers. The self-insurance option main principal is aimed at improving a company’s operating profits by reducing premium costs. By assuming the role of an insurer, costs such as overheads for policy administration, assumption of risk and profit are retained by the self-insuring company. Self Insurance plans also avoid premium taxes and residual market loadings which are charged on insurer premiums and although these are normally charged on any excess or combined coverage’s, these are significantly less as the excess premiums are much lower than the full coverage equivalent. This plan could also be appealing to the employee, because many self-insurance plans can often be modified to provide coverage that commercial insurers are unable to provide. It also often brings improved loss experience, as the company that is self-insuring is accountable for its own losses. While being accountable for its own losses, it allows the company to pay for its own claims; damage to property can be dealt with quickly and efficiently with losses to business earnings reduced. Improved loss experience improves the bottom line as fewer funds