Human Resources Case Study

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Availability of human resources with the required background and skill sets

HUMINT as a collection discipline differs from its more technical counterparts in many ways as the previous chapters have proven, and while the changing nature of targets has highlighted the need for case officers from more diverse ethnic backgrounds and language skills it was focused on the clandestine HUMINT collection as a process and as such did not delve into the modern requirements of a case officer conducting clandestine HUMINT collection. Therefore, this chapter will analyze three factors that are paramount to developing highly skilled clandestine HUMINT case officers that can operate successfully in the modern security environment, these three factors
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The Patriot Act proposed the creation of National Virtual Translation Centre that would essentially serve the entire United States intelligence community by combining the service of Translators with state of the art commutations technologies. The WMD commission disagreed for they were skeptical of being able to hire enough linguists for analytical purposes at such a large scale and instead proposed the rapid development of foreign language processing tools that would be able to work even in the absence of trained linguists.
Although, it must be noted that no amount technology and advanced training tools can suffice in operational circumstances that are for the most part extremely unpredictable and as such the lack of case officers with linguistic skills compatible with the modern security environment remains a significant problem and it must be noted that Arabic remains an extremely difficult language to learn in a short time period due to its linguistic remoteness to English. This issue is further reinforced by the changing nature of case officers work that is effectively caused by the changing nature of targets. The ‘new’ threat environment raises the need for non-official cover and as such case officers will be required to interact with possibilities sources of a non-diplomatic nature whose English proficiency may be rather limited. The whole focus of non-official cover is to allow a case officer to penetrate the
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