Human Resources Case Study

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HUMAN RESOURSES MANAGEMENT SUBMITED TO: CASE STUDY QUESTION#1 Why is there a major failure of human resource management in PPC? Who is responsible for this failure? How will you address this major issue? Solution: The major failure in Pakistan paper company is due to actually there is no HR-department exists, there is only personnel & administration department, which is also leaded by irrelevant HR-professional, named samad choudhary,he was actually accountant. The top management including mr.Lakhani & mr.Mustafa were the responsible for that failure because they had not created the HR-department in organization; actually they were not familiar about the importance of HR.they only focusing on…show more content…
Elaborate the positive outcomes that the company would achieve as a result of these measures. Solution: Firstly to rectify all the issues development of HR-department & hiring of HRM professionals are essential. So they can be able to develop strategies & plans and able to give best possible way to resolve the issues facing PPC, the strategies and policies regarding subheadings are as RECRUITMENT: Proper job analysis, defining the grades for each job, job description & specification is required properly. Advertisement of the jobs have clear view regarding jobs, fair & clear policies, rules & regulation will have to made to avoid references,biasness,and favourism. Hiring criteria is clean & fair and will be on merit basis. [pic] PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: The strategies regarding performance management should be in PPC The identification, measurement, and management of human performance in organization Also,Appraisal must take a future-oriented view of what workers can do to achieve their potential in the organization.Supervisors must provide workers with feedback and coach them to higher levels of performance. [pic] [pic] The result of better performance appraisal must be related to rewards & development of employees in following aspects: ➢ Promotions ➢ Increments,
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