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Human Resources is an important department with in many larger companies and one that is greatly needed for such functions as; hiring, firing, insurance, and public relations. While in the past Human Resources has been able to operate with little friction from any outside influences, it would seem over the years some new challenges for this department have complicated their fairly standard sets of operations. These challenges while difficult to deal with are may not be enough to break down the functioning capacity of human resource departments, but challenges that are being faced by Human Resources because of technology, economic relations, and job descriptions are changing at a much more rapid pace than they once did. These ever changing …show more content…
In the past employees were given the opportunity “to adjust and develop their skills”, however these days it is many employees are thrown head first into their new jobs and are expected to make their way around with no adjustment period (Walberg,2011,Para.3). The focus of training procedures is one that Human Resources has great struggles with. Though employees may benefit from further from advanced “education,apprenticeship, and training” there is a great deal of conflicting interests with funds and advancements that complicate decisions within HR department’s decisions concerning these areas (Walberg,2011,Para.3). The main focus of concern is investing time and money to train individuals since it may take up to 5 or more years to fully train an individual and during this span of time the money that is invested may well have gone to waste,because of changes in procedures, needed skills, or technology updates. The other aspect is if the employee decides that he or she will not be staying and moves on to another source of employment. These types of problems put Human Resources at a stand still since they are unable to decide what steps to take in improving the situation. It would appear that any steps taken would be a lost cause since they are incapable of providing a training that would enable an employee to become fully orientated before a different set of procedures or skills were needed to perform their job tasks. It is like an unending battle to gain
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