Human Resources - Dual Career Couples Essay

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HR Policy for Dual-Career Couples:
Human Resource Management and Development

HR Policy for Dual-Career Couples The changing demographics of our workforce have demanded that we address our HR policy regarding to families, and in particular dual income or dual-career couples. This policy will assist families that find themselves overwhelmed with work, parenting, adult education, and ultimately increasing productivity for the company. Careful consideration will be given to couples both employed at this company as well as single parents and employees whose spouses work outside our firm. It is understood that school functions, daycare, medical appointments, education opportunities, and care of the home; often interfere with normal
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Flex schedules are especially helpful with employees that have day care or school age children. The flex schedule can also be very valuable to employees that have a long commute, the money saved on gas adds up. It is also very useful on bad weather days. Telework, or working from home will be considered at an employee’s request. In limited situations it may be possible for an employee to work from home. Upon an employee’s request for telework, a job analysis will be performed by our HR department. If it is determined feasible for that employee to telework, the IT department will establish an acceptable work station at that employee’s home. Telework will only be considered for clerical positions that could be effectively performed from an alternate location. Daycare will not be provided to employees; however assistance in placing children into local facilities that are compatible with the location of the company and our hours of operation will be offered. Relocation assistance will be provided to duel career spouses that are both employed by this company. Upon request for relocation, the affected spouse will be placed on a high priority hiring list. That spouse will be placed at the earliest possible time into a compatible position. In certain job series, that employee will remain on leave with pay until placed into an