Human Resources: Empolyee Retention Essays

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One of the significant functions, and probably the one that most people first consider when they think of human resources is the function of hiring employees for an organization. The demand for additional employees can be a result of expansion within the organization or from turnover. The hope for any human resource department is that the reason for additional employees is a result of expansion and not because of involuntary or voluntary turnover. Involuntary turnover is the termination of employees from the organization whose services are no longer needed or desired. When termination of an employee occurs, it “represents a failure of some part of the HR system” (DeNisi & Griffin, 2011, p. 129). It is unfortunate but even with the best recruiting and staffing methods, an employee can be hired that is unmotivated to do the job in an acceptable manner, or in some circumstances is not capable of performing the job duties. If there is any possible way of retaining the employee by counseling, retraining, or reassigning the employee it is in the best interest of the organization. Losing an employee, through involuntary or voluntary turnover is costly to the organization in terms of time and money spent recruiting and training the employee that is leaving, as well as the cost for the subsequent recruiting and training of a new employee.
If an employee is experiencing performance problems due to lack of training or perhaps incompatibility with their current supervisor, there are…

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