Human Resources

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Human resources are the most important resources in any organisation. To succeed a business needs committed staff to meet its aims and objectives. Staff must be trained and motivated by the management to achieve their potential.

In small businesses with one or two employees the responsibility for the human resources usually lies with the owner. Other small businesses with a slightly larger workforce may have a designated person whose job is to look after issues relating to staff. Large organisations with many employees have a whole section called the personnel or human resources department.

It is the responsibility of the human resources department to ensure that the organisation recruits the correct staff, and that
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The IT Development Manager will take on the majority of the management and organisational work in the department, which has been carried out in the past by the lecturers.

The College placed an advertisement on the staff noticeboard, but none of the non-teaching staff at the College had the combination of management and IT skills necessary for the job, and the lecturers did not want a non-teaching job. The College therefore has to look outside to find a suitable person. Using external labour market information is a good way for a business to look at the kinds of people they should recruit and it can then target its advertisements at the right people for the job.
Businesses can look at lots of different employment trends to see where the potentially suitable people might come from. Hull College would need to look at the information for South London, which they can get form SOLOTEC, the South London Training and Enterprise Council. SOLOTEC provide information and statistics on a wide range of employment trends.

Training and education
A business who is interested in employing a school or college leaver may want to look at how many young people leave school to work or go on to higher education. The overall staying-on rate in South London is fairly similar to the whole of London, but since last year there has been a decline in
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