Human Resources ( Hr ) Managers

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Human Resources (HR) managers today are faced with many different issues than those in the past. While human resources managers are still responsible for the interviewing, hiring, training and orientation of new employees, this position has developed into much more than the initial hiring of the employee. They are also responsible for keeping employees and other managers up-to-date and aware of the diversity issues, and strategically implementing programs that align with the goals of the organization. Group Consensus The Interview and Hiring Process Like many people, HR managers have a picture of the type of person and employee they are wanting to hire. Going into the interview and hiring process with these preconceived notions of what is best for the organization, may cause those applicants that have traditionally been considered over-qualified to be overlooked (Bills, 1992.) The decision to hire an overqualified, experienced employee that requires less training, in certain circumstances may be more beneficial to hiring someone with less experience that will require a lengthy training and acclimation period. It is important as managers to not overlook a seasoned employee who may bring to the table the benefits of what they have learned to the vision of the organization. They can create an atmosphere of experience that helps the customer get the impression that they are getting someone with knowledge. Mentoring and Training Employees One of the most beneficial assets

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