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Human resource professionals use several different methods to make sure that they have the best employees they can possibly have, as well as attain new ones. Human resources is a job all about the people that one works with. It is a job that keeps people safe, makes sure one’s rights are protected, helps generate a profit through the type of employees one hires, and a job that strives to give employees every opportunity to succeed. The hospitality industry is one which people are the main ingredient in making a hotel succeed or fail. The constant interaction with guests can instantly influence if a guest will choose to stay with the same property in the future. This makes human resource professionals essential in bringing in the right…show more content…
We still had to invest in them’” (Kelly, 7). Southwest is a company that is incredibly successful. This exemplifies that training one’s staff will result in a working business. Many airlines had trouble after 911; yet, Southwest was able to strive and generate revenue. When human resource departments allocate funds to train their new hires, everyone does their job better. It creates a sense of understanding of what one’s impact is for the company for which they work for. It is more than just a job; It is a culture. It is important to invest in one’s employees because they are the ones who make a product work. In hospitality, the way people can perceive value is the kindness and understanding of the staff. The product is intangible and cannot be taken home with the guest once they depart. Without proper training then the employees will have a harder time adjusting and the service scores will most certainly reflect it. Micah Solomon, a contributor to Forbes magazine, states that, “A properly trained and managed employee will know to—and will be empowered to—stop changing linens if creating a successful medical outcomes or being hospitable require a different action at the moment. And afterward, she will be celebrated for doing so, not scold for being a few short in the number of linens changed” (Solomon, 17). He displays that an employee who is trained properly knows that the guest is more important than the numbers that
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