Human Resources Information System in Management of Human Resources

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Human Resources Information System in Management of Human Resources


1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Case studies one 2 2.1 Description 2 2.2 Advantages 3 2.3 Challenges 4 2.4 Organizational advantage 4
3.0 Case studies two 5 3.1 Description 5 3.2 Advantages 5 3.3 Challenges 6 3.4 Organizational advantage 7
4.0 Conclusion 7
5.0 References 8

1.0 Introduction

In today 's corporate world information system has come to play a very critical role in a business. An information system is used to collect, processes, store, analyse, and disseminate information for a specific purpose. (Turban, 2004) It includes inputs and outputs, and it processes the inputs by using technology, normally
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So the company has been working to put in place a web-based enrolment system that employees and retirees can access from anywhere (Huering, 2003).

2.2 Advantages

From 1999, IBM began using online enrolment system. It bridged many advantages for IBM Company. Two of important benefits are as following: • For company, by utilizing the flexible-benefits application HRIS has to offer, IBM was able to cut costs. The company can save nearly $1.2 million per year on printing and mailing costs alone. • For employees, online enrolment system gives employees the freedom to discover their benefits on their own time and pace. Employees can log in personally and are greeted by name and with important information regarding their benefits enrolment, such as the deadlines and when changes take effect. They automatically get access to health plans that are available to them, and the calculator lets them compare estimated benefit amounts for each plan. Employees can select the health care services which they expect to use in a particular year, estimate expected frequency of use, and calculate potential costs under each plan option.

2.3 Challenges

HRIS can help company to reduce cost and improve the quality of management, but it also needs to face many challenges. There are two important challenges should be attention by company. • The privacy
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