Human Resources Internship

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Internship Experience Reflection

Huiran Mu

Elmhurst College

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Abstract 3

Introduction 4

Expectations 4 Prior to Internship 4 Beyond My Expectations 5

Selection Process 5 General Process 5 Screening Resumes 6 Importance of determining personality traits and Organizational Citizenship Behaciors (OCBs) during selection process 6 Selection Decisions 8 Difficulties Encourtered 9

Job Description Development 11 MQ Development 12 Validity and Reliability Concern 13

Difficulties Encountered During Internship 14

What I learned From the Internship 16

Recommendations 17

Reference List 19


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During the recruiting process, I considered not only whether candidates had the essential KSAs to finish tasks, but also whether their personality would fit the organization. My expectations about this internship mainly focused on recruiting, as well as maintaining the employee database, such as workers’ compensations and payroll. Since the hospital was expanding, several new positions were created. Beyond my expectations, I had to update and develop several job descriptions. On the legal aspect, I was not expecting to get very involved. However, I had a chance to follow a FMLA case and to issue disciplinary action forms to employees who violated organizational policy. These legal documents made me realize the importance of legal documents in human resources management. Selection Process
General Process A significant portion of my internship responsibility was recruiting. These responsibilities ranged from screening candidates’ resumes to interviewing and preparing hiring documents. I would screen resumes from our database and select whom I believed would fit in the position. Then, I would conduct a phone interview with the applicant. After the phone interview, if I still felt the individual fit the organization, I would schedule an in person interview with our Human Resources Manager for the applicant. Our manager would make the final decision after the interview. If our manager decided to
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