Human Resources Interview : Jackie Finch, Owner Of Iron Dragon, Llc.

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This human resources interview is being conducted with Jackie Finch, owner of Iron Dragon, LLC. Ms. Finch is now retired. After 23 years in the manufacturing industry, Ms. Finch left and started her own business in the computer/technical field after returning to studies in 2007 and obtaining a Master of Science degree in Information Systems Management in 2010. Iron Dragon, LLC was founded in 2010 as a technical repair/installation subcontract firm. Typical customers included other technical companies that handled installation and repair activities for clients such as NCR, Dell, among others. Iron Dragon’s reach extended from Texas to Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. To be more specific, Iron Dragon contract to assist in the install of retail self-checkout equipment, retail hand scanners, POS equipment, computers, signature pads, servers, fast food drive-thru equipment, movie rental kiosks, ATM’s, etc. Iron Dragon’s end user list includes Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Taco Bell, and smaller retailers, as well as private citizens. Iron Dragon also provides consultation in such matters as disaster prevention/recovery, equipment purchases, security, and risk management. Me: Ms. Finch, as the owner of Iron Dragon, I would assume that you also have to perform the duties of an HR manager, given the small size of your company. Ms Finch: Yes, of course. Pretty much all of the administrative duties, actually. Me: What are the hiring or recruiting practices that

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