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Job Analysis is the act of putting together the details of a particular job. The analysis is not limited to job description alone. The Analysis includes all relevant training, disciplinary actions , selection process, performance and employing the correct person for a job. Therefore, as the company moves forward with this integration and merger of the two companies, new job descriptions will form as a result on the focus on sales. Rather than placing current and or new employees into open positions, I will conduct a job analysis which will help place the correct people in their correct position based on education, skills and experience.
Job Analysis
The areas that I will focus and place great importance are the following.
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Team Construction of the Sales Department Conducting a job analysis which is base for a new job function will require team efforts and support. Keeping in mind two companies have now become one with focus on sales in services and products; top performing managers will requested to come together and help finalize the job description and selection process. Once completed we will have a sales team with experience to teach, coach , counsel and sell. The team members are as follows:
• Sales Managers ~ top sales manager from service and products with an excellent performance record. The sales managers can share techniques for sales successes over the years. In addition, the sales managers will share the knowledge of the service performed and products offered and sold by the company.
• Human recourses ~ will use the collected data combined with corporate policy to develop work ethics, disciplinary actions, safety guidelines, benefits, harassment policy and more related to the job and company. Part of the human resources team will include a sales recruiter whom will recruit and put training sessions together for the current and new sales employees.
• Legal Team representative ~ The legal representative will ensure that we are covering all the legal aspect of sales that binds us to contractual obligations supported by law. The legal representative will
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