Human Resources: Malpractice Issues

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As the Director of Human Resources, I would predict that this is a malpractice issue and it is the responsibility of myself as the director to make the right decisions for the facility as well as for the patient’s that our facility service. Although it is not easy to terminate employees, this is a process that comes along with the job description that managers must learn how critical think for all parties involved. The best time to address a problem is before it becomes a problem, but in this case the communication breakdown is what caused all of the patient’s painful lifelong condition (Fallon & McConnell, 2007). First, let’s look into malpractice disputes. I will like to dissect the people that will be affected by malpractice issues…show more content…
It is standard practice to note all changes to the Provider especially the ones that can be threatening. When she notices the Patient’s toes starting to look pale and swollen was the change in condition that the provider needed to be aware of due to the fact that she was recovering from a surgical repair of the left…show more content…
This is when the investigation or critical thinking skills come into play. Malpractice laws provide a way for patients to reap compensation from any harms resulting from substandard treatment (MNT, 2014). This is not always a bad thing for health care workers because it creates better and thoughtful practices. If health care workers did not have medical malpractice laws in place workers might not care as much about their performance. People do not want to have a lawsuit on their hanging over their head. So, this law helps protect every party involved. A hospital, doctor or health care professional is only liable for things like neglect of the patient. The only responsibility health care professionals have been harmful injuries that result in deviating from the quality of care that a competent professional would normally have (MNT, 2014).This patient most likely will be compensated for the lifelong pain and treatment that they will have to make a part of the rest of their life. So, in this case the best time to fix this problem would have been before the problem was created(Fallon & McConnell, 2007). This is the most effective way to handle problems before it escalate into a major
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