Human Resources Management Approach to Samhsa Strategic Initiatives

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Human Resources Management Approach to SAMHSA Strategic Initiatives Alena De la cruz Saint Leo University Professor McCabe October 25, 2014 The human resources department plays an important role when it comes down to strategic planning. To illustrate this form of planning is a vital component in strategic human resource management. The human resource department must demonstrate a plan, which is the strategy which is intended to accomplish the goal of the organization over time. This is the way the organization functions. When the human resource department is on the same page as the organization this directly links the two together and guide them on a straight…show more content…
They will also have the means of offering an increase to effective treatment for everyone they see and also give them the chance of addressing the prevention process of substance abuse and any mental illnesses they may be suffering from. This program will increase all awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and also give them the avenue of increased access to effective treatment. Having these structured initiatives in place will also make way for SAMHSA to survey and surveillance nationally in effort to support the behavioral health field from the critical feedback. They will also have the means to build public awareness of how important behavioral health is to the community. SAMHSA will have the opportunity to see an improvement through evaluating their programs and providing activities that will support their target goal in transforming the behavioral health care system. Thy will be working toward developing an expert practice that will provide prevention treatment for those with addictions and mental treatments. These initiatives will also assist SAMHSA to support different states, territories, and tribes to construct and develop their system capacity with encouraging improvements, efficient approaches and operating on evidence-based programs and services which will show a positive result after care. The approach of the human resource

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