Human Resources Management Exam 1 Essay

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Exam 1 - Short Cases
Exercising Strategy: Home Depot’s Bumpy Road to Equality
1) Under the circumstances presented in this case, Home Depot was likely guilty of discrimination under the theory of “Disparate Impact.”

Disparate Impact is a theory of discrimination based on facially neutral employment practices that disproportionately exclude a protected group from employment opportunities. Discrimination by way of Disparate Impact does not require that the discriminating party intend to discriminate against a protected group. In this case there were only sufficient facts to determine whether Home Depot likely discriminated against women, who are a protected group under Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts. Here, it was shown that the
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2) Several groups might view the new H-1B visa policies as “pro-someone else.” U.S. workers will certainly view these new policies as “pro-domestic workers” since the policies limit how many foreign workers are able to take advantage of the U.S. jobs. The theory is that if companies can’t get foreign workers for the positions then they will have to use U.S. workers to fill the openings. This theory would also benefit unions and politicians because they are generally positively benefited when more U.S. workers are needed by companies.
3) Businesses and government can take several approaches to help ensure workers, both foreign and domestic, are available for high-level openings in U.S. firms in the short term and the long term. First, businesses and government can work together to ensure that current and future laws are practical and do not overly prohibit business growth and just work to the advantage of one party or another. Secondly, businesses and government can work together to study the problems surrounding the availability of highly skilled workers (education, training, etc.) and collaborate on solutions to these problems. Lastly, businesses and government can work together to ensure that domestic and foreign candidates are properly sought out and treated fairly in the process when there are shortages of workers for these positions.

Exercising Strategy: Who is Screening
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