Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management Tiffany Schomer BUS 303: Human Resources Management Demetra Blacknell-Torrence November 25, 2012 Human Resources Management The success of any organization is at the mercy of its human resources. A writer for Caribbean Business states “since the creation of the world, the human factor has been the driving force behind the growth and development of the societies in which we live” Human Resources Managers have a unique job with many functions and challenges to design a workforce of competent and relevant employees to continue such growth and development (Castro, 2013, para. 1). The primary function of Human Resources Management is to maximize the achievement of…show more content…
4). If recruitment is done effectively employees will be matched to employers in such a way that Human Resource Managers will be able to select and hire qualified individuals whom will work diligently to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Once the recruiter has successfully recruited candidates for hire Human Resource Management will begin a selection process to decide who will be the best fit for the job. The selection process is used to determine which qualified applicants are the best candidates to meet organizational standards of performance. Many recruits may exhibit qualifying traits for a specific job, the selection process is designed to weed out the ordinary and focus on the extraordinary. Human Resources Managers will have a detailed job description and analysis of the resources needed as a result of human resource planning and use that information to make their selection. The selection process begins with gathering basic information through a generic or specific employment application sometimes supplemented by a resume and is then followed by an interview or interviews and verification of references. The purpose behind applications, resumes,
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