Human Resources Management Essay

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Human Resources Management


1. Introduction

Task 1

1. A report distinguishing between traditional personnel management and the new approach to human resource management, outlining their historical development.

2. The Human Resource department in TD Travel Group. Its role and purpose in the organization.

Task 2

1. An analysis of the objectives and the process of human resource planning.

2. An evaluation of the systematic approach to recruitment for NIS Europe.

3. An investigation of the selection procedures used for NIS Europe and TD Travel Group.

3. Evaluation and Conclusion

4. Bibliography

Task 1


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* Changing technology
* Sales forecasts
* Market research
* New product development
* Managerial skills
* Wage Rates
* Union Agreements

What do we expect labour supply to be like in the future?

* Local unemployment / employment trends
* Local skills and availability
* Demographic changes
* Legislation
* Government training schemes
* Quality of local education, housing and transport
* Competition for workers

All these issues raise questions, which the human resource plan should cover. The plan should include:

* Organisation development
* Training and management development
* Recruitment, redundancy and redeployment
* Appraisal and job evaluation
* Promotion prospects

Human Resource Planning (HRM) is a form of risk management. It involves realistically appraising the present and anticipating the future (as far as possible) in order to get the right people into the right jobs at the right time.

This may seem simple at first, short of staff – hire some new staff, too many staff – make redundancies. Unfortunately its not that simple anymore and that is why human resource planning is necessary.

Why Human Resource Planning is necessary:

It is increasingly important to look beyond the present and short-term future to be able to prepare for contingencies. This will help to exercise control over as