Human Resources Management ( Hrm )

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Human Resources Management (HRM) is people who work in an organization. The manager is a person who manages people, leads, facilitates and provide tools for the organization. HRM sets strategic processes and procedures, run difficult and complex communication as the organization attracts the best talents from the recruiting process. Human resources management is where everything begins and ends for an individual and the organization. Meaning, it’s where total processes are created for the organization and the individual, such as; planning, forecasting, compensation, benefits, diversity, salary, decisions, ethics, records, right protection, leadership, development, and the list is endless. In view of the fact that everything starts with HRM, it faces many challenges for the organization and the individual. Therefore, excellent communication skills are essential. Communication is “everything.” It’s the number one driver in the process of planning a successful organization. Managers from top to bottom must be able to communicate, listen and comprehend in order to be effective in delivering the goals and mission of the organization. Chester Barnard identified seven must do communication skills in order to keep the lines of communication open and they are: “a definite formal channel of communication to every member of an organization; the line of communication should be as direct and short as possible; the complete formal line of communication should normally be

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